About company

Our company’s original goals were to provide specialized outsource and outstaff software testing services, but we also had ambitious plans on expanding our competencies on the IT market. Due to our flexible and individual approach to work as well as our desire for self-improvement and to solve complex customer problems, our attention and vital company resources have shifted towards IT development. As of now, IT Test is a rapidly scalable team of specialists equipped with a unique expertise in such areas as development of cryptocurrency, e-commerce and high-load systems, secure corporate industry-specific web portals, web/mobile/desktop applications and platforms no matter how complex. Our services are used by both end customers, start-ups, and third-party outsourced IT developers.

Our values

Client. Our clients are the driving force behind our progress. We value clients with great and broad ambitions and plans. By finding solutions to difficult problems and achieving non standard goals we make each other stronger.

Professional Growth. Difficulties and problems that we successfully resolve help us to grow professionally, deepen and broaden our skills and capabilities. We believe there are no problems that cannot be solved. Any obstacle on the way can be approached and dealt with in its own way or just reasonably avoided altogether.

Flexibility. The more difficult the goals, the greater flexibility must be shown to achieve them: e.g. it is essential to be able to reach an agreement that would perfectly suit both sides, it is essential to be able to plan the technical and organizational parts of the project, leverage flexible development methodologies, diversify the team, work in any time zone and so on.

Company in numbers

50 +

accomplished projects

2 +

offices, in Tula and Saint Petersburg

7 +

years - average work experience of our employees

60 +

full time staff members

20 +

regularly outsourced specialists

100 +

graduates of our own QA academy

Our office

We regularly update our team with seasoned, highly qualified professionals as well as with those not that experienced but striving to learn and improve.

Our clients