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About the project

Testing management system for structuring and simplifying the work of the QA department. DoQA is a product, which creation has become a necessity because the market lacks TMS, satisfying us with its convenience, usability and cost.

The key features are:
— Pleasant and unloaded UI that allows you not to lose concentration during long working hours;
— Simple and intuitive UX that saves your time and effort by competently structuring all system components, creating test cases, checklists, common steps for various projects, etc;
— Your personal document storage;
— Customizable choice of work style for a specific team.

Implemented tasks

Service features

Visibility of the product testing process
A convenient system for setting up a company profile, managing spaces, projects, folders and user rights
Detailed reports on the testers' actions
Visualization of information on test runs, test launches and the project. Reports display the current state of the process and the final test result.
The system that adapts to you
Test cases, checklists, a manager to create and manage sets of cases in a single interface with flexible configuration
Secure data storage and easy installation
No installations and complex settings. Secure data storage in the cloud in a database for each company

The main sections of the interface

A convenient system for setting up a company profile, managing spaces, projects, folders and user rights. Each project has an organized system of test cases, runs, checklists and documentation. You can organize the work process specifically for your requirements.
Our system has its own subsystem of tasks, which allows you to control the process of the testers' activity. The subsystem provides a full report on the work done and time spent.
Cases system

The structure of the case can be flexibly configured according to a specific work style and several types of layouts.

The system has the ability to divide a step into several sub-steps and the expected result into several results.


Checklists are additional test documentation presented in the form of a list of checks up to 8 levels of nesting.

It is faster to write a checklist and keep it up to date. Their use allows you not to repeat in the checks and not to miss anything important in the testing process.

Player of test cases and checklists
The main working component to obtain test results based on the verification status.


Adaptive cross-browser system

You can work with the system on any OS in any browser, you only need the Internet access
Multilingual support in projects
Russian and English versions, which allows you to run projects in different languages within the same team
Individual approach, updates and project development
Responsive support, ready to implement the necessary functionality
UX that saves time and effort
An elaborate structure of components and common elements with the ability to update values throughout the project
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