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3D application for demonstration of industrial equipment
petroleum engineering petroleum engineering

About the customer

One of the largest companies in the field of petroleum engineering, which specializes in the development, production and maintenance of equipment for mechanized oil production and reservoir pressure maintenance, contacted us. The organization is also engaged in the construction of enterprises where the elements of their equipment are maintained. The name of the customer remains under the NDA.

Since the company needs to "show the goods by face" to sell the equipment to the foreign customers, it became necessary to create an application that allows them to show workshops in 3D format.

Aleksey Korostelev

Project Manager

Our team needed to create an immersive and interactive 3D application that would display a virtual model of the workshop and allow you to move around it, examining the equipment and layout features.

This company had already collaborated with IT Test before and turned to us again, knowing about our expertise in Unity and 3D modeling.


of work


models of machines
and equipment

7 000

sq.m of workshop

250 000

sq.m. of the
surrounding area


We created an advanced control system with elements of artificial intelligence, which allows you to use various ways of navigating the workshop.

The application user can:

  • automatically navigate along a pre-planned route;
  • choose the next point of the path;
  • move freely, like in a computer game;
  • and even fly in the air, like on a rocket pack.

Interface and special effects

User-friendly interface elements allow you to quickly and effectively control all the functions of the application and manage your presence in the three-dimensional world.

Various special effects that carry a functional load were also added to the application, in particular, information tips that pop up directly above the sections of the workshop.

The result

In 2.5 months of work we implemented:


An immersive Windows application

created using the Unity 3D game engine


The functionality of moving

with an area of 7,000 sq. m., in which more than 100 pieces


The functionality of moving

around the workshop using artificial intelligence to build a route

Aleksey Korostelev

Project Manager

«Thanks to the competent work of the team, we have created a large-scale object in 3D format that does not overload the processor and allows you to run an application with complex graphics on relatively weak PCs. We also managed to achieve a high degree of detail of the elements and realism of the interior of the workshop, while ensuring excellent application speed. The developer used all the features of Unity, which allowed not to inflate the technology stack and save the client's time and money».

Cooperation with the customer continues — now we are creating an application in VR, the foundation for which was laid at the stage of the 3D project.


  • Unity Developer — 1 person
  • Project Manager — 1 person
  • 3D Designer — 1 person
  • Designer — 1 person
  • Testing — 1 person


  • Unity 3D
  • Unity AI (navigation)
  • Blender
  • 3D Max
  • Photoshop
  • Figma