Streamity ecosystem center

A one-stop center of the Streamity ecosystem.

The ecosystem represents 8 unique platforms created for support and further development of all its component services with the help of multi-level marketing as well as for spreading the word about the decentralized world and making blockchain technologies more available.

One of the requirements for development of the Streamity ecosystem was to organize all services and users into a single unit. Not only did Streamity become such a unit but it has also become the center for support, development and popularization of blockchain technologies and the idea of decentralization.It provides informational support to users, it incorporates certain elements of communication and joint training, it includes affiliate and user development programs as well as tools for effective management of economic activity. Streamity is a large-scale developing project.

Completed tasks
  • Corporate identity, brand book, souvenir symbols and the design of the service itself have been developed.
  • A unified system of authorization and registration of partners and users for all services has been introduced.
  • All services have been integrated into the system.
  • A single personal account has been developed for partners and ecosystem participants.
  • A common tariff system and a loyalty program for users of all ecosystem products and services have been developed and implemented.
  • A complex and unique system for distributing active and passive bonuses to partners and club members has been developed and implemented.
  • Smart contracts have been developed for receiving and granting bonuses and rewards to club members.

The Streamity is constantly improving its functionality and developing new products and services. The project is being actively developed, new features are on their way and the old ones are being improved. The product was successfully launched on the market and was later transferred by the client to the new owner. Currently, the project exists under the brand name Wise Win

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