DeFi cryptocurrency platform

Streamity SWAP is a decentralized protocol for liquidity provision and crypto stock market and cryptocurrency exchange on Binance Smart Chain. This technology is a new trending case giving you yet another way of earning money on the cryptocurrency market.

We took Uniswap technology as a base reference code and made a new cutting edge DeFi-platform on Binance Smart Chain. Uniswap is a new open-source technology that is one of the top ten biggest DeFi-platforms on the market, and it works on Ethereum.  At ITtest-team, we combined our knowledge in the development field with the open-source code and created a DeFi-platform on Binance Smart Chain for our clients. It allows users to exchange their cryptocurrency and gives them residual income providing interest from investment.  

Streamity platform works on the Binance Smart Chain and allows users to exchange BEP-20 tokens, create their liquidity pool in DeFi and earn money on liquidity stacking.

We also created a user-friendly landing page to unite all other services of our clients in one place. A sleek UX/UI design makes navigation, interaction, and information gathering easy and quick. This approach helped our clients promote other products and drive more users into the brand ecosystem.

Streamity platform has functions that allow you to upload crypto-wallets, pay for tokens with all modern payment systems, have passive income from liquidity stacking, get residual revenue from mining pools and much more.

Streamity is a new revenue tool, allowing our clients to stay on the verge of trending cryptocurrency technologies. This DeFi-platform gives its users a convenient revenue tool on the cryptocurrency market.


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