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Modern havoc of a world always lacks time and demands an exclusive skill set. To step up the game, everyone needs to prove their value, but very often, we don’t have time to spend on classical education.

The most significant change today is the shift towards digital learning experience. eLearning portals are the answer to all prayers for digitalising the learning experience.

We created TEN to engage and motivate learners to upgrade their experience.

Talent exchange network is a platform where experts and students meet each other to exchange their experience.

Completed tasks

    A friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and make a fast choice of the course.

    All course badges contain an overview of the course content, creating a quick and easy choice experience.

    The platform has a point system which shows the level of the expert, giving a better understanding of the creator behind the course.

    Every expert has a personal page where the student can see all expert’s courses and whether his roles are a student or an expert.

    Every course which the expert takes is shown on his page along with the results.

    This system helps the student get an eagle-eye view on the proficiency of the expert.

    The single login feature of the TEN is a hidden gem that brings the concept of a user-friendly interface on a new level.

    Every user granted access to both the student and expert roles. The account allows you to study and be a tutor at the same time.

    The platform works across devices so that you can study anywhere.

    We created an outstanding mobile interface allowing you to access your lessons anywhere at any time. With mobile learning, you can train on the go.

    Course creation has never been more natural.

  • The expert’s dashboard allows you to create lessons, tests, give home tasks and grade it.
  • You can leave comments and motivate your students.
  • The intuitive course constructor allows creating lessons in mere minutes.
  • We integrated all contemporary software solutions. You can make webinars, text or skype with your students, send them group messages and many more.
  • There is also an option of making video lessons, integrating it in your course, sharing on youtube and Instagram, or any other social network of your choice.
  • Friendly user mobile interface helps to maintain concentration and is easy on the eye.

Ittest designs eLearning strategies and solutions to fit all requests from your side and create a happy and engaging studying atmosphere.

Contact us for more details on how to save your time and create a pleasant learning experience that motivates.

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