Galleria di Pietra

Development and design of the website for the international production company
Galleria di Pietra Galleria di Pietra

We needed to create a premium image website with a classic design, convenient for use on any devices.

GALLERIA di PIETRA produces exclusive products made of natural stone for interior decoration and fronts. Factories and workshops are located in Italy. The company adheres to high quality standards, follows traditions and uses the latest technologies for the extraction and processing of natural stone.



Develop architecture and create a modern website design


Ensure optimal image quality on all devices


Create an adaptive version for correct display on all devices


Use interactive 3D animation and create a volumetric effect on the site

Main page

Website architecture
and design

We have developed a unique website structure with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. When designing, we used full adaptive technology, which allows the site to automatically adapt to any devices – mobiles, laptops, tablets.

5K, 4K, 2.5K and Full HD

We have taken into account the main screen resolutions to ensure maximum usability of the site, and also applied multi-resolution so that images are loaded with optimal quality depending on the resolution of the user's display.

Visual effects

To give the site volume and depth, we used the Parallax visual effect, and interactive 3D animation emphasized the high technology and status of the project aimed at meeting the high requirements of the customers.

The inspiration for creating such a concept was the image sites of the world brands, after studying which we created an aesthetically attractive product.

Catalog of materials

We have organized the section so that in addition to the type of material, you can choose the method of surface treatment. As a result, users get acquainted with the unique characteristics, colors, textures of natural stone and simultaneously see samples of products created according to the selected parameters.

Created a convenient filter

Added important features


We correlated the material and the method of its processing with ready-made examples


The virtual showroom implemented by us allows you to see by a particular example what objects and types of decoration were used in the realized interior. This solution helps customers navigate the company's product range.

The development and design of the website were carried out taking into account the latest trends and technologies in order to provide customers with a high-quality and modern product that will be convenient for use on any devices.