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Personal portfolio-site for the photographer Maxim Kozlov
Maхim Kozlov Gallery Maхim Kozlov Gallery

Personal Maxim Kozlov portfolio site.

A very demanding customer wanted us to develop a stylish, concise, lightweight, vivid looking site.
We went through a substantial number of site examples and developed a concept that would meet all the requirements.
In part, it was imperative to observe the requirements set for the design that was required to be strict, clean and concise, it has to let users watch photos on many kinds of devices starting with mobile phones and ending with 5k monitors and at the same time the quality of the photos was demanded to stay high regardless of what device is used. Another requirement was to provide the ability to upload a large number of photos onto the site without losing performance and at the same time the site has to work with lots of animation elements and different transitions.

Completed tasks
  • It was also demanded to make it possible for users to print the photos available on the site.
  • We’ve designed and implemented an algorithm that allows to upload photos adapted for various solutions, including Retina displays.
  • We’ve also implemented sliders with their own animation for the main page of the site and the site management system was adapted to the tasks of the customer.
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