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Quality maintaining and integrating of new functionality in Tinkoff Bank applications
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One of the new solutions in Tinkoff Bank application has become a phone number scanner

Tinkoff is a Russian commercial bank that is actively developing its own financial ecosystem, introducing advanced technologies, thereby facilitating the daily tasks of its customers.

It is not new that a camera can scan QR codes of receipts, bank cards and even documents in the form of a passport or Taxpayer Identification Number (INN). However, scanning a handwritten phone number became a completely new task, to which a special approach was important and needed, including from the testing side.


A smart camera was already implemented in the mobile application, which could recognize documents, receipts and bank cards. The new functionality was much more difficult, because you can scan a document by certain key fields in the form of a series, number, etc., while the phone number can be written in different handwriting and in different formats. Therefore, the stage of forming a list of all possible options of writing a phone number was added to the classical testing.

It was also important to teach the camera to recognize non-existent and incorrectly recorded numbers (for example, through +7 000 ...) in order to inform the user about the error.


During testing, we needed to check not only the operation of the scanner itself, but also to conduct integration tests of this module into Tinkoff Mobile Bank in order to check the correctness of the interaction of the scanner module with the other modules of the application.

Another feature of the testing was the interaction with the camera of a device. If flagship devices determined the same number mostly correctly, then older models could misinterpret or not catch the number into the focus . However, to make sure that the bug was caused by a problem with the camera, we conducted a series of tests and compared the results on all devices, including flagships, where there were no problems with the camera. This was a very important aspect, because the bug fix directly depended on the conditions under which it was reproduced.


A convenient way to transfer funds by phone number is available to all clients of Tinkoff Bank. It is enough to point the camera at the number printed or written, and the application will scan it and automatically enter it into the required field.

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